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What began in Los Angeles, California 1978 was a dream built with Family Values. Now, Las Casas Realty, a Family Owned Business, is one of the leading Real Estate Companies in the greater Los Angeles Area. For over 35 years we have been delivering customer service and RESULTS. Building long-term relationships, has been our success. Providing personalized, clear and considerable advice to our clients, weather in residential or commercial. Thus, we have help build wealth for our customers; and importantly helped the communities flourish. Although, we will continue to demonstrate our greatest quality of all: Integrity.

Many individuals believe it is impossible to own Real Estate. Although with Las Casas Realty, nothing is impossible to reach that goal. Our agents are trained to answer any questions or expectations, you may have. Integrity is one of our greatest qualities, and we may be in young in years, but mature in experience. Las Casas Realty looks ahead to even greater development and success for your future.

Two Missions

Helping Property Owners and Agents will always be part of our Mission Statement. Therefore, we have Two:

  1. To help first time homebuyers, have a longevity with their property.
  2. Help individuals learn a Real Estate Career and be successful at it.

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

First Common Mistake

Incorrect prices for your home. For example, if the price you have for your property is too high; it will make the comparable property appear a better value than yours, and that will help sell your neighbor’s property faster than yours. Or the other variable: if the price of your property is too low, you could end up losing profit, and that is something nobody would want. Las Casas Realty Agents are Artist when it comes to correctly pricing your property. We take into account three aspects: Market Movement, Demand, Condition, and of course, Location. Our agents will take these factors seriously, and implement a pricing strategy; so it may be successful and profitable.

Second Common Mistake

Owners not Preparing their Property for Sale. When a new buyer discovers poor maintenance on your property, it will lead them to wonder what other potential problems will develop in the future. For example, too much clutter, and poor property maintenance, can prevent a buyer from buying. Las Casas Realty Agents, will help you prepare, and instantly spot the problems.

Third Common Mistake

Poor Marketing for your property. Las Casas Realty Agents will make this aspect on the upmost importance. Taking great pictures of your property, staging your home, and depersonalizing it will make a significant difference. Your agent will suggest improvements that will increase the value of your home and resulting in a faster sale at a maximized price.

Your Agent Will Use a Blend of Traditional and Online Advertising

Our exposure, will lead to a network that generates leads for your property. Tools, like our Las Casas Realty Website, Social Media, and Foot Traffic to attract qualified buyers. Your property will be exposed to thousands of potential buyers. The concept is simple, marketing/exposing your property to more potential buyers in your area, increases the number of qualified offers on your property and significantly shorten days on the market.

Hiring the Wrong Agent is Another Common Mistake

Inexperienced Agents increase the chances of poor results. Las Casas Realty Agents have the experience of working in different market dynamics, and recommend the proper listing price for the current market. They can negotiate objectively on your behalf and help navigate you smoothly through a variety of logistical, and legal obstacles. You will have confidence on our Agents, as they are professionals, carry experience, and demonstrate integrity. All these qualities will make your transaction more productive and profitable.

Lastly, many property owners make the mistake of failing to agree on important details of a sell, before they get an offer.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you; your Las Casas Realty Agent will work with you in advance to determine the important details. For example,

  1. Proceeds from the sale.
  2. Closing date.
  3. And any compromises that may prevent you from closing the deal.

Choose wisely, Choose Las Casas Realty