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With more than 1.2 billion active users, you need experts to deliver tangible results when investing in Facebook ads. At Ponyville Media, we can micro-target your Facebook ad by age, gender, industry, location and interests, so you can position yourself exactly where you need to be seen.

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Wondering why is it important for you to advertise on Instagram? This platform is full of savvy marketing features, allowing you to actively communicate and engage with your customers, boost followers, adopt influencer marketing and design a personality for your brand. What are you waiting for?

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Looking for a tangible ROI? Looking for B2B or B2C targeting? LinkedIn is the number one place to develop thriving relationships with other businesses and professionals. Our social media experts know how to advertise and deliver your campaign to the right target.

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YouTube gives your business a global platform to engage with users. At Ponyville Media, we master the art of tweaking YouTube ads to reach your audience, we manage closely your ad budget, and regularly update you on your ad’s performance.

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Twitter works as a giant digital megaphone to your company. It gives you the opportunity to voice your brand and interact with influencers, thought leaders and potential clients and customers.

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Looking to positioning your brand as a trendsetter? Do you want to provide customers worldwide with creative ideas and get pinned? Become an inspiration for 200 million visitors on Pinterest every month. Partner with Ponyville Media and our experienced team will help you achieve your goals.

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Event Management, Public Relations

Event Management

Since its foundation, Ponyville Media have successfully delivered bespoke events from idea development and conceptual design, all the way through to management, implementation and analysis.

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Public Relations

Ponyville Media understands the importance of Public Relations in building the reputation of your company and communicating with your customers and your audience. We also understand that PR plays an important role in your integrated marketing strategy. Therefore we provide businesses with tailored packages that suit their needs.

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