The very word “breast cancer” quivers a shock through your spine. Few things are as terrifying as thinking you might have breast cancer, but thanks to advances in testing and treatment, breast cancer is less deadly than ever. The good news is that breast cancer rates are dropping, and treatment is less toxic and disfiguring than it once was.

Breast cancer surgery can do damage to your self-esteem. Here are some ways to feel better about yourself and your body following a mastectomy.

Even though it’s an important weapon in the fight against breast cancer, a mastectomy can take a serious emotional toll on a woman and even affect the way she looks at herself.

The loss of a woman’s breasts to cancer can affect her self-esteem, her sex drive, and just how she feels about herself as a woman. But although it may take some getting used to and a lot of communication with her partner, a woman battling breast cancer can learn to love her post-mastectomy body and feel just as womanly and sexy as she did before breast cancer treatment.

An intrinsic part of the healing process after breast surgery is the ability to feel good about yourself and reclaim your femininity.

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Know Your Size

Measure firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts. The tape measure should be horizontal around your body and should not drop in the back. This is your band size. Check out below your bra size based on the band size.

63 – 67 cms XS – A / XS – B
68 – 72 cms S – A / S – B
73 – 77 cms M – A / M – B
78 – 82 cms L – B
83 – 87 cms XL – B /XL – C
88 – 92 cms XXL – B / XXL – D
93 – 97 cms XXXL – D

Note : A, B, C and D denotes the Cup size

If you want a perfect fit, you can go for the size based on the above chart but if you are looking at more of comfort please go for one size bigger as there will be a lot of changes in your body in the process of your treatment.

" I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I have made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my feminity. "